Seaweed: Superfood of the Sea

Mara Seaweed piles on driftwood

Abundant natural minerals

We call seaweed "the superfood of the sea" because it's the most highly mineralised vegetable on earth - it contains all 56 elements essential for human health. Seaweed is a life-sustaining future food which can provide us with nutrients often absent from food crops grown in today's mineral-depleted soils; important nutrients like iodine.

Seaweeds accumulate their minerals directly from the ocean water and the sunlight it filters. These minerals become refined within plant structures and when we dry the seaweed, moisture is removed and the minerals become more concentrated again. That's how our seaweed packs in so many health benefits.

So try Mara Seaweed as a nutritious alternative to salt. It's easy to shake on your food as a natural flavour enhancer rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements; a mix you can't find anywhere else in those combinations.

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