Seaweed – The Future of Sustainable Packaging

Seaweed – The Future of Sustainable Packaging

 Currently, we are working on a project to have all our products packed in seaweed-based packaging in the near-future.

Mara is working with Oban-based biotech start up, Oceanium, in their development of seaweed-based, home compostable and marine-safe packaging.  By providing them with our packaging criteria, Oceanium will develop the biomaterial to meet market needs and that work with existing packaging production systems. Mara will then be able to use this to meet the technical demands of large scale production processes.  

These two Scottish-based enterprises plan to work together to commercial trial the seaweed-based biopackaging in the near future.   The end of life solution for the biopackaging is to be included with food waste which will then be composted for soil health or to anaerobic digestion for energy production.  This would be a truly circular life cycle product and packaging. 

 Our vision is to have seaweed used in all aspects of our daily lives – as we are truly passionate about seaweed being able to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time – to solving some of the chronic mineral deficiencies in our daily diets, to providing a sustainable future food that is carbon negative.

So please bear with us in the short-term, as we continue to use recyclable plastic in our products. We are an early stage company, and are constantly on the look-out for ways to reduce the packaging waste in our business, while balancing that with the demands of scaling a small business, making sure that all of the food safety requirements of our customers, while at the same time, providing a product that our customers can enjoy.

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