Seaweed: the Next Scotch Whisky?

Mara Seaweed tin selection Kombu, Shony, Dulse

A growing industry

In an article on market trends from Food Navigator, Mara Seaweed has been highlighted as increasingly important to the Scottish aquaculture industry, and to Scotland's food and drink export targets.

According to Mara's chariman, Robin Worsnop, due to the growth potential of the industry, seaweed could be "the next Scotch whisky."

The success of large-scale Scottish industries abroad, in particular Scotch whisky, have paved the way for us to follow suit. Scotch whisky is currently sold in approximately 200 markets worldwide and directly employs more than 10,000 people. 

Whilst the seaweed industry is small by comparison, reaching our crowdfunding target of £500,000 will allow Mara to start exploring new and exciting export opportunities.

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