Supermoon Equinox Eclipse

Mara Man Rory with an offering to sea god Shony

An important event for seaweed harvesters 

This morning saw the larger-than-average new supermoon swing right in front of the sun to totally block out the solar disk. Although the best spot on Earth to witness this total eclipse of the sun was in the Faroe Islands and the Svalbard archipelago, up in Edinburgh we reached nearly 98% total eclipse.

The equinox is an important event for seaweeds and thus for seaweed harvesters, as the sun is close to zero declination and has a greater pull on our tide. This is when we get the lowest of the low tides, which is ideal for seaweed harvesting as well as shellfish gathering.

An offering of Shony, to Shony

Thus we decided at Mara that at the point when the moon covered the sun, we would make an offering to the Celtic sea god, Shony. (The inspiration behind the name of our seaweed blend.)

The moment came and Mara Man Rory said a few words, then pushed our wee boat to drift out to sea, with a seaweed wreath and our Shony products on it.

Of course, after the appropriate moment of respect was over, Mara Man had to quickly rush in to the water to stop his precious handmade boat being dragged out to sea with the pull of the tide. So a nice chilly, wet start to the day for him!

Meanwhile, back on land...

We'll now be taking advantage of the tides, and are out harvesting for the next seven days. Fingers crossed Shony puts in a good word for us, and the weather stays sunny.

But not everyone could make it to the shoreline, and those back at Mara HQ "honoured" the equinox in a different way. Safety first is always our rule at Mara, and Duncan made sure to quadruple up his sunglasses to watch the eclipse - the colander is just his usual headgear!

Looking at the supermoon equinox safely


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