Can seaweed help you loose weight and burn fat?

Mara Seaweed's founders' families foraging for seaweed

Could seaweed reduce fat absorption?


When it comes to weight loss, there always seems to be a new fad diet or miracle ingredient on everyone's list, but it seems the real solution to fat burning could be in the water.

Recent research from Newcastle University has identified the chemical properties of seaweeds which prevent fat from being digested by our bodies. If added to everyday foods, these seaweeds could prevent us absorbing much of the fat in our food.

In the Western diet, 40% of calories come from fat. While we do need some fat in our diet, with easy access to food of varying quality, many of us are tempted to eat too much.



Deep sea kelps are best for fat loss



The study suggests that a four-fold increase in one type of alginate found in the deep sea kelps (e.g. Kombu, saccharina and alaria) boost anti-fat absorption in the gut by as much as 75%.


In the trials they found that even a small amount of alginate reduced people’s fat intake by a third.


The good news? You can try some of our delicious and umami-filled Kmobu seasoning for yourself. Simply stir into soups and stews for a great depth of flavour and fat busting properties. 




Seaweed can help you feel full for longer



Seaweed can also help control your appetite.

“Seaweed is low in fat but packed with soluble fibre, which helps control blood sugar levels and keeps your bowels moving. The fibre can help you feel full on very few calories,” commented Rachel Berman, Director of Nutrition for



Weight loss that tastes good!


So there you have it: seaweed offers a double whammy of flavour enhancement and slimming potential!

Of course, seaweed provides a myriad of other health benefits too, so explore our recipes and get cooking! Let us know how you get on in the comments.


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