The Independent's Tastiest Food Trends for 2015

Seaweed in the Independent

Edible seaweed: tasty and on-trend

We were thrilled to feature this week in The Independent's round up of "Tastiest Food Trends for 2015." Because seaweed not only tastes delicious, it makes you feel deliciously healthy!

Here's what they said:

"Kale, your time is up. There’s a new, somewhat slimier green ingredient making its way on to the nation’s menus. No longer just a greasy Chinese takeaway side order, chefs are embracing it as a star ingredient. ... And where chefs lead, customers follow.

Mara Seaweed, which supplies Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Whole Foods, has seen its sales rocket by 73 per cent in the last quarter, and is about to move into high-street retailers.”

Read the rest of the article to discover more of their insights on seaweed, and find out what the other top food trends for 2015 are.

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