The Telegraph: Why We Need To Eat More Seaweed

Seaweed in The Telegraph

Just like truffles

Abi Butcher from The Telegraph tried seaweed foraging for a day in Studland Bay in Dorset. Here's what she had to say about the different flavours of seaweed that she tried:

"I nibble a corner, and as the flavour bursts in my mouth, I eat a whole frond of the pepper dulse, amazed by how much taste has been released.


Next up is sea lettuce – that bright green, almost transparent seaweed you see around Britain’s shoreline. It tastes fresh and, you guessed it, just like a type of lettuce.

With these flavours, it’s no wonder this superfood is taking the culinary world by storm."


From the shore to your plate

Of course, we're not surprised Abi enjoyed the taste of seaweed. (Our harvesters keep their energy up nibbling the odd piece of pepper dulse too.) We just choose to dry and mill our seaweed into flakes, to take the "challenge" out of cooking with it.

So now you can have the same experience as Abi in the comfort of your own home: pick up some Mara Seaweed in our online shop, and explore the various flavours of our hand harvested species.


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