The Top Five Food Crazes of 2015

Guardian logo on seaweed

Move over kale

According to The Guardian, kale is so 2014. So what’s next? They predict the 5 hottest food trends for 2015, and guess what's on the list...

Keep an eye out for kombu

They say...

"Seaweed is set to transition from sushi rolls to dinner plates with chefs serving it in salads, seasonings, sauces – even as a seaweed butter. High in iodine and purportedly excellent for detoxing, keep an eye out for dishes which include wakame, kombu and dulse."

Try local seaweed 

We say...

Exactly! You can try our Kombu and Dulse any time. Remember, seaweed doesn't just suit Asian cooking - it's a local product too, which Mara collects from the Scottish coastline

In fact, seaweed has been eaten by British people for centuries, until we forgot about it during the 1900s. Mara aims to change that by working to bring back this ancient superfood for modern thinkers. So browse our recipes to find a dish to suit your tastes and give it a try. 


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