The Wonders of Seaweed on BBC Landward

Mara Seaweed "SeaEO" Fiona Houston and Nick Nairn on Landward

Nick Nairn is a seaweed convert

Mara's "SeaEO" Fiona introduced the celebrity chef to the delicious flavours of native seaweeds on BBC Landward this week.

Not entirely convinced at the start of the show, watch below to see how Nick changes from sceptic to convert. Was it Fiona’s persuasive charms, or Edinburgh chef Paul Wedgwood’s seaweed enhanced sea bass that swayed him?


Putting seaweed on the menu

Thanks to Cambo Estate and the Honeypot Cafe in Crail for helping out with the filming.

And thanks of course also go to Paul Wedgwood, our Master Seaweed Chef, who cooked a delicious Mara menu. Sea bass, cooked in Kombu-infused olive oil, with Pepper Dulse accompanied by mash potato with Shony. Yes please!


Watch Fiona, Paul and Nick on Landward:



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