This Father's Day, seaweed is what he needs

This Father's Day, seaweed is what he needs

Forget beer. Forget cufflinks. Fathers need Furikake.

(That's "fury-kah-key")

For Kitchen Wizards

Celebrate Dads who are a dab hand at the stove, the Jamie Oliver wannabes always whipping up a storm, and the home bakers who know how to rock an apron.

Furikake combines fiery flakes of chilli with nutty notes of sesame and a briny more-ish-ness from our hand-harvested dulse seaweed. Perfect in soups, curries, red meat BBQ rubs and paired with dark chocolate.

For Health Conscious Heroes

Remember that time Dad rescued the cat from the roof? Or how he used to run behind you as you learnt to ride your bike? Pops may not be as sprightly these days, but he's still our hero.

Keep him in good health with seaweed. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and 85% lower in sodium than table salt, it's a seasoning fit for superheroes.

Not tried Furikake? We'd hate you to miss out.

Furikake is Mara's must-taste savoury spice experience.

Buy one for Dad and one for yourself, and we'll treat you to the second one half price. Pop code 'FATHER' in at the checkout.

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