Top Nutrients in Seaweed for Male Virility

Euripes quote: 'the sea cures the maladies of man'

Gents: a friendly word

As the "day of love" is nearly upon us, we thought we'd give out some... loving advice to all men (if you know what we mean.)

Said the wise philosopher Euripides, "the sea cures the maladies of man."  And he could have, uh, expanded upon this by telling the lads that to be virile and healthy you need the right amount of minerals and vitamins! Luckily, everything you need is found in good quantities in seaweed, the sea's loose and supple aphrodisiac.

Virility nutrients

Seaweed contains the following:

Vitamin A*

Important for the production of sperm and testosterone. This vitamin is also needed for good vision and for skin health.


Assists with relaxation, physically and mentally.


Helps the body to produce hormones such as testosterone and increases sperm production, so it's an important mineral for fertility too!


Protein, which is made from amino acids, helps to produce serotonin and dopamine. They can give you feelings of wellbeing by heightening your mood.

Fact: the umami flavour in Kombu kelp is created by its high amino acid content.

Eat well, live well

So listen up men! Our advice to you this Valentine's day is eat seaweed, feel happy, be happy, and go share that happiness with the one you love. Find some recipes to impress them with, and earn some extra brownie points.


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