UK Science Minister Visits Mara's Project S3EED

UK science minster Lord de Mauley visits Mara's S3eed project

Lord de Mauley and Mara

Yesterday we received a visit from the Science Minister from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Lord de Mauley visited our seaweed farm collaboration project, funded by the Technology Strategy Board’s Agri-Tech Catalyst.

Exploring the possibilities of seaweed farming

Project S3EED is based on Loch Fyne and is in partnership with Otter Ferry Seafish Ltd and the Scottish Association of Marine Science. It aims to research and develop whether farming two types of premium seaweed is commercially viable.

The future of seaweed as food

It was gloriously sunny as we showed the minister around our seaweed on-shore tanks and discussed the future of seaweed as a food.

Lord de Mauley said,

“It was great to visit Loch Fyne to see funding from the UK Government’s Agri-Tech Strategy bringing industry and academia together to turn an innovative idea into a commercial reality.

It’s heartening that £5m of funding has already gone to support similar projects across Scotland, with plenty more to come.” 


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