So Moreish, But What Could It Be?

Umami and seaweed flavour enhancement

The fifth taste

Did you know that there are actually five tastes? Sweet, salty, sour, bitter and...? Savoury, or umami. Umami is the fifth taste and is described as having a very moreish flavour.

Umami is used widely in Asian cuisine, and one of the best natural sources of this flavour is seaweed, so we can help you to understand umami. Foods that contain umami can be used instead of salt and sugar to enhance flavour. 

For more on umami and how to incorporate this fantastic taste into your cooking, read this article by Stephen Harris on embracing the power of umami, or have a listen to BBC radio 4's The Kitchen Cabinet.

Head to our recipe pages to find out how to use seaweed to enhance the flavour of your cooking and to our shop to buy your Mara Seaweed seasonings.


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