What does seaweed taste like?

What does seaweed taste like?

As seaweed harvesters, manufacturers, and enthusiasts, we’re often asked, “what does seaweed taste like?” Our answer is usually umami deliciousness - but there is more to the complex and wonderful notes of seaweed that we’ll explore in this blog. There are hundreds of different seaweed species, each with its own unique characteristics, flavour profiles and uses.

While all seaweed comes from the ocean, you’d be surprised to know it tastes more than just brine-like or like the ocean - with some even having bacon or whisky notes! And with seaweed appearing on the plates of royals and celebrity chefs, now is the time to get familiar with nature’s secret superfood seasoning. 

What does Kombu taste like?

Kombu is a seaweed species that is widely used for its delicious umami flavour. Mara’s Kombu is an incredible 100% natural and organic certified flavour enhancer that works as a stock cube might. When stirred in at the beginning of the cooking process, Kombu balances out flavours like a deep-sea bay leaf and provides a rich savoury taste. Because of its high content of glutamic acids, which are seen in the common Asian ingredient MSG, Kombu provides a satisfying earthy flavour that’s similar to a mushroom.

Looking to try nature’s stock cube for yourself? Kombu is available in long dried strips that you remove before serving the dish, flakes which can be left in, looking similar to a herb or powder which provides a silky finish from the super fine texture and adds an even greater flavour intensity. And if you’re looking for some recipe inspiration, you can head here for some amazing Kombu-filled recipes to try.

What does Shony® seaweed taste like?

Shony® is our delicious signature blend of premium Scottish seaweeds, a clever blend of brown, green and red that we name it the ‘ultimate seasoning’ thanks to its mild, versatile and rounded flavour.

One of Shony’s best attributes is that it makes a great easy swap for salt, meaning you get to experience the mild, grassy and warming flavour without the downfalls of excess sodium. Experience the soft saltiness of Shony® for yourself here and try our ultimate Shony® Shakshuka recipe out for size.

What does Dulse seaweed taste like?

Those who love Dulse will know why it’s named, ‘the single malt of the sea’ thanks to its rich, smoky flavour. Dulse adds a wonderful depth of flavour to your dishes and a mild, salty flavour. Sometimes dubbed 'vegetarian bacon' - it pairs well in particular with rich red meats like lamb and beef. Experience Dulse for yourself and find out why it's loved by chefs for its versatility. 

What about Smoked Dulse?

How does Smoked Dulse taste? The answer is: very good. That’s why our Smoked Applewood Dulse flakes won a three star Great Taste award in 2016 and are loved by chefs like Michael Smith, Michelin-starred chef based on Skye. Smoked Dulse adds a real smoky depth of flavour and has a meaty quality, you can try our Smoked Dulse here and experience the exquisite flavour that will add a new dimension to your cooking.

If you haven’t found the right seaweed for you, our suggestion would be to keep exploring. Not all seaweeds taste the same - imagine saying each variety of mushrooms tasted the same! Our hand-harvested seaweed from pure, clean, Celtic waters has a unique taste and nutritional properties unlike seaweed from anywhere else in the world. Try it for yourself and let us know how you like it by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook


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