What is Shony Seaweed?

Mara Seaweed Shony pouch on the kitchen table at dinner Shony Seaweed Flakes 30g Pouch - add to basket

A unique blend

Shony is Mara’s unique blend of four seaweed varieties. It includes each type of seaweed: red, green and brown. This produces a very pretty seasoning of purple-red, light and dark green flakes, like a treasure chest of jewels from the sea.

Inspired by the gods

The name Shony comes from Seonaidh in Gaelic, an ancient Hebridean sea god. She was revered on the Isle of Lewis with a cup of ale offered into the sea once a year.

The people who lived on Lewis hoped this would bring good harvests. We liked the way the name evoked the power of the ocean.

Accessible health benefits

We created our own seaweed blend because we wanted to combine the health properties of seaweed in a versatile everyday condiment.

The species of seaweeds in Shony were chosen to offer the maximum amount of nutritional benefits. The ratios between the seaweed types offer a balanced and enticing taste and aroma.

Like all our seaweed products, Shony is high in fibre, iodine, potassium and magnesium. But only Shony can boast high levels of protein, iron and calcium in combination. Shony is also rich in vitamins A and C as well as glutamic acid, which makes it especially delicious.

Mara Seaweed Shony liberally sprinkled on fried eggs

First time favourite

Mara's secret blend is a first time favourite for people who haven’t tried seaweed before. And because it’s unique you won’t get a flavour profile like Shony anywhere else. Choose it as a good introduction into the culinary world of seaweed. It’s both salty and sweet, with a mild, fresh 'sea' flavour.

Serving suggestions

Shony is extremely versatile, so you can sprinkle it liberally on anything and everything. You could start your day off with a shake of Shony on your breakfast eggs for a morning mineral boost.

Or you could end the day with it in your desserts and puddings. It’s lovely with stewed fruit and in crumble toppings. Of course, you could try it anywhere in between too, on salads, pasta, roast veg, white meat and fish.  


Mara's Shony is available in Morrisons stores nationwide.



  • Delicious it’s Really Really good no harsh flavours we enjoyed and use it will every thing thank you 😊

    Norma watkins
  • Lovely products. I was first introduced to your product at Partridges in Kings Road. Have introduced a few friends who are all enthusiastic.

    Johanna Cruttenden

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