Detoxifying Cabbage Tacos with Kombu

Detoxifying Cabbage Tacos with Kombu Kombu Kelp Seaweed Flakes 50g Pouch - add to basket

Kick your Monday blues with this super healthy version of the Mexican classic.

Serves 1
Time 30 mins prep (including soaking time), 30 mins cooking

Needing some Monday motivation? It's understandable. Don't fall off the health and fitness wagon just yet! Instead, try making these healthy cabbage tacos with mackerel and Kombu for lunch. If you're short on time, have the veggies raw or stir fry them instead of roasting. 

This dish really packs a detoxifying punch. Kombu and coriander are full of liver-loving antioxidants including vitamins C and E, and cabbage contains sulphur which helps the liver detoxify too.

Keep up the good work everyone, it'll be Friday soon!


  • 3 tsp Kombu
  • 3 large savoy cabbage leaves, cooked but still firm
  • 1/2 cup bulgur wheat
  • 1 tbsp tomato puree
  • 1 large carrot, cut into batons or strips
  • 1 raw beetroot, cut into batons or strips
  • 1 smoked mackerel fillet
  • 1 handful coriander and natural yogurt to serve


  1. Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees.
  2. Put the carrot and beetroot in a roasting tray, drizzle with olive oil and cook in the oven for approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Put the bulgur wheat and the Kombu in a bowl and cover with 1.5 cups of boiling water. Leave to stand for approximately 25 minutes. The bulgur wheat will absorb flavour and nutrients from the Kombu.
  4. When all the water has been absorbed, mix the bulgur wheat with the tomato puree, season with pepper and a small sprinkle of Kombu and cover to stop too much heat escaping.
  5. Steam the cabbage leaves for approximately 3 minutes, then put on a plate.
  6. Spoon a tablespoon of bulgur wheat onto each cabbage leaf. Top with carrots and beetroot, and evenly distribute the mackerel fillet.
  7. Serve with coriander and a dollop of yogurt. 


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