Mara Seaweed Furikake Ramen Bowl

Mara Seaweed Furikake Ramen Bowl Mara Seaweed Furikake 30g Pouch - add to basket Kombu Kelp Seaweed Flakes 50g Pouch - add to basket

Thanks @edin.fit4life for sharing this delicious #MaraMeal on Instagram! 

"Trying something a little more nourishing for the bones today during the cleanse."



  • Miso Paste 
  • Mushrooms
  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Onion
  • Beansprouts
  • Haricot beans
  • Brown Rice Noodles
  • Ginger, garlic and soy sauce
  • Mara Seaweed Kombu Flakes 


1. In a pot add your water and miso paste. Add veggies and beans of choice. Not too many, make sure there’s plenty of juice.

2. Leave to simmer for 10 minutes then add the brown rice noodles.

3. Leave for a further 5 minutes then dish up steaming hot.

4. I topped with seaweed flakes, chilli and sesame seeds. Also a teeny bit of sea salt n pepper.

We recommend adding Kombu and Furikake to your ramen bowl to give it that extra kick of flavour! 

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