Stuffed Tomatoes with Dulse

Stuffed Tomatoes with Dulse Dulse Seaweed Flakes 30g Pouch - add to basket

Impress your dinner party guests with the taste of umami in this deliciously healthy and filling starter. 

Serves 4
Time 15 mins prep, 45 mins cooking 

Dulse and tomato go together perfectly. The saltiness of the seaweed combined with the sweetness of the tomato complement each other to create an umami flavour bomb. This recipe using Mara Seaweed can be adapted to suit different palates – you could put in fewer olives, add Parmesan and mushrooms, or more Dulse to change the balance of flavours. 

If you are worried about catering for vegetarians this Christmas, this dish should more than satisfy as a starter.


  • 2 tsp Dulse
  • 4 tomatoes
  • 1 large onion finely chopped
  • 12 black olives pitted and roughly chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 30g breadcrumbs
  • 3 tbsp chopped parsley
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp mint
  • 1 ½ tbsp chopped capers
  • 1 tsp oregano


  1. Trim off about 1 cm from the top of each tomato and discard.
  2. Remove seeds and most of flesh, leaving a clean shell.
  3. Lightly dust inside of tomatoes with Dulse
  4. Preheat oven to 160C
  5. Cook onion, garlic and olives in medium pan for 5-6 minutes.
  6. Remove from heat and stir in 30g breadcrumbs, oregano, parsley, Dulse, chopped mint and capers.
  7. Fill tomatoes with herb stuffing, pressing down gently.
  8. Put in greased ovenproof dish and drizzle with oil.
  9. Bake for 35-45 minutes.

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