The Health Benefits of Seaweed

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What are the health benefits of seaweed?

The high nutrient and mineral content in Mara Seaweed offers a huge range of health benefits. All it takes is a small spoonful (2g) of our delicious natural seaweed seasonings daily to make the most of the nutritional benefits.


Natural salt alternative

Seaweed contains 85% less sodium than table salt, which is just the right amount for the correct balance of body fluids. It gets its salty flavour from minerals like potassium and magnesium, making it a healthy salt alternative.


Women’s wellbeing

Two-thirds of Western women are iodine deficient and many don’t know it. Iodine is critical to thyroid hormone production.

The thyroid maintains your metabolism, mood, memory, heart health and body temperature, as well as healthy skin and hair. Iodine is the most nutritionally valuable element in seaweed.


Weight management

Seaweed is high in dietary fibre, which helps you stay fuller for longer and can reduce snacking. Fibre also boosts your metabolism and promotes good gut health. Alginates in seaweed act as a bulking agent, slowing fat absorption.


Menopause relief

Thyroid hormones can be low during menopause, resulting in hot flashes, irritability and tiredness. A daily serving of Mara Seaweed can ease these symptoms.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Eating seaweed during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding tops up essential iodine levels. Iodine is essential to a child’s physical and mental development, both in the womb and throughout early childhood.


Strong bones and teeth

With high levels of calcium and magnesium, seaweed contributes to both healthy bones and strong teeth. Seaweed is one of the best vegetable sources of calcium, as it’s more absorbable than in supplements. 2g of Mara’s Shony seaweed contains as much calcium as an 80g portion of cooked kale.


Healthy heart

The potassium found in seaweed helps to maintain normal blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health. A 2g serving of Mara Seaweed flakes contains up to 9% of your recommended daily intake (RDI) of potassium. A whole banana provides around 20%.


Reduce fatigue

Mara seaweed contains iron, magnesium and B Vitamins, all of which help to reduce tiredness. Iron oxygenates the blood, while magnesium and B Vitamins help the body deal with stress. Mara’s Dulse and Shony are high in iron.


Immunity boost

Seaweed benefits from containing both vitamin C and iron, as vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron. Along with B vitamins they work together to boost our immune systems.


Post-exercise recovery

Magnesium and electrolytes reduces muscle cramps after strenuous exercise, while protein contributes to muscle building. That’s why seaweed is an excellent workout snack.

Magnesium is needed for healthy bones and muscles. A 2g serving of seaweed flakes contains almost 5% of your RDI of magnesium, more than the same amount of chia or sunflower seeds.

Seaweed is also a great way to supplement protein intake for vegetarians and vegans.

Discover why seaweed is so nutritious and get the health benefits on your plate! Browse Mara Seaweed products or check out our recipes and ideas for using seaweed.