Seaweed Factory

Mara’s bespoke factory is a fully accredited sea-to-shelf seaweed production facility, processing seasonal seaweeds for the retail market with a fully traceable supply chain. It allows us to create delicious, nutrient-rich seaweed seasonings within 24 hours of harvesting.

Seaweed inspection at Mara's Factory
Bringing seaweed back ashore
Shony seaweed packed in factory

On arrival

Mara’s seaweed arrives at our factory in Edinburgh direct from the shore. The bags of fresh seaweed are weighed and recorded, then sorted by hand and inspected for quality.

Harvesting seaweed in choppy waters
Sack of seaweed in Mara's factory
Wet kombu seaweed for processing in Mara Seaweed factory
Seaweed inspection by Mara's Technical Manager


Moisture is removed from the seaweed through a drying process which preserves natural flavours and retains essential vitamins and minerals. Once dry, it’s milled and sieved into an easy-to-use format for delivering health benefits when cooking and seasoning. The white powder which forms on dried seaweed is natural mineral salts, packed with flavour.

Barrels of dried kombu kelp seaweed
Ribbons of dried kombu kelp leaf
Processing whole kombu kelp leaf
Flakes of milled kombu kelp leaf


After further tests for quality control the flakes are carefully packaged, ready to bring the health benefits and delicious taste of natural Scottish seaweed to dinner plates around the world.
Keep a tub on the kitchen counter to spoon in seaweed whilst cooking. You could also keep a tin on the table for shaking on seaweed flakes like salt and pepper. 

  Mara Seaweed were awarded a Marine Fund Scotland Grant to support development of its seaweed supply chain. 

Shony seaweed tins packaged for sale

Checking water content of seaweed
Weighing out seaweed flakes
Bowl of dried Dulse flakes
Furikake pouch on kitchen shelf