Mara Seaweed is harvested sustainably from the pure, wild waters around Scotland and Ireland, and we are passionate about the sustainability and safety of our operations. We carry Soil Association Organic Certification for our harvesting and processing. We meticulously process and carefully package our seaweed, so you can easily add delicious nutritional benefits to your meals.

Seaweed harvesting: cutting kombu kelp
Sprinkling Dulse seaweed flakes on asparagus


Before we leave for the beach, our highly skilled Harvest Manager studies the weather forecast, tides and sea conditions to ensure the safety of our team. We track this information down to the area of the seabed and time the seaweed was harvested, to ensure full traceability. This is important to guarantee quality seaweed products.

Seaweed harvesters' checklist
Ocean view at Elie beach, Fife
Illustrations of seaweed types
Handful of fresh dulse seaweed


Mara has a license from the Crown Estate to harvest a 40km stretch of seabed around the East Neuk of Fife, and we see ourselves as curators. The location was chosen for its exceptional water quality, ensuring nutritionally dense seaweed. We have a comprehensive understanding of seaweed species and their lifecycles and over five years worth of environmental mapping data to ensure the sustainabiltiy of our operations. This enables us to harvest seasonally and sustainably. Our expertise in the ocean is also matched by the prowess of our in-house technical team.

Harvesting kombu kelp in the ocean


Fully equipped with state-of-the-art safety gear, our team collects seaweed in all weathers. In a short timeframe around low-tides, harvesters must quickly and precisely cut seaweed by hand from specific designated areas. Mara is committed to supporting coastal communities and the environment. Harvesters working in both Scotland and with our partners in Ireland are trained to use techniques that allow seaweed to regrow healthily and vigorously.

Seaweed in the waves
Kombu kelp in the sunshine
Mara co-founder Fiona Houston in harvesting gear


To avoid contamination, our seaweed is packed into sealed sacks before being brought up the beach and delivered fresh, directly to our factory. Mara Seaweed is picked and processed within 24 hours to lock in flavour, ensure quality and secure maximum nutritional benefits.

Mara harvester carrying seaweed up the beach
Mara seaweed harvesters carrying their boat up the beach
Wet kombu kelp awaiting processing in Mara Seaweed's factory
Mara kombu kelp seaweed finished product tins

Taste the Difference

Our hand-harvested seaweed from pure, clean Celtic waters has a unique taste and nutritional properties unlike seaweed from anywhere else in the world. Try it for yourself.

Shony seaweed flakes on cherry tomatoes