Dulse Seaweed Flakes

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With its robust, salty taste, it’s no wonder Dulse seaweed makes a great seasoning!

Eating dulse is an ancient tradition in Scots and Irish culture. It adds a wonderful depth of flavour to your dishes and is mineral and protein rich. Sometimes dubbed 'vegetarian bacon' it has a wonderful flavour that pairs well with seafood and leafy greens, tomatoes. Delicious as a seasoning for salmon or lamb.


Small flakes ranging from deep pink to heathery purple


 Iodine, potassium, magnesium, iron, protein, fibre


Deep umami savouriness


Coastal breeze with a hint of woody spices

Dulse Seaweed Flakes | Product Details

Ingredients: 100% Dulse (Palmaria Palmata)
Organic Dulse, hand harvested in Scotland and Ireland. 

While we take every care during harvesting, this is a natural product from the sea, and so may contain traces of crustaceans and molluscs.

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Find out about dulse’s heritage and “forgotten food” status.

What Mara fans say about Dulse

“Dulse is great on roasted veg.”


“A very rich, salty taste of the sea. But not the saltiness you associate with crisps, something deeper. I enjoyed it and it definitely added to the rich kale.” 


"I found Dulse worked really well with spicy lamb casseroles, linguine, chilli, garlic and shellfish."


How do I enjoy Dulse Seaweed?

Poached salmon with Dulse seaweed flakes

Dulse has a natural, lingering smoky taste. It's delicious when generously shaken on dark green vegetables and rich, powerful meats.

For an extra savoury hit without the salt, use Dulse flakes to season steak or lamb chops before cooking, or stir into family favourites like spaghetti bolognaise and chilli before serving. Dulse is also perfect scattered on top of fish or mixed through crispy kale.

For an unusual salted caramel-style twist, try pairing Dulse with dark chocolate. Just combine a pinch of Dulse with the other dry ingredients in your brownie or truffle recipe.

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Nutrition information

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Typical values per 100g

Typical values per 2g


974kJ, 234kcal 19.48kJ, 4.68kcal


1.5g, of which saturates 0.4g 0.03g, of which saturates 0.008g


22.8g, of which sugars 1g 0.46g, of which sugars 0.02g


36.9g (105% DRI*) 0.74g (2.1% DRI)


13.8g (290% DRI) 0.28g (5.8% DRI)


4.9g 0.05g


13.1mg (8,733% DRI) 0.26mg (174.6% DRI)


8,936mg (446.8% DRI) 178.72mg (9% DRI)


279.3mg (82% DRI) 6.14mg (1.64% DRI)


11.9mg 0.25mg


0.41mg 0.009mg


13.95mg (99.6% DRI) 0.28mg (2% DRI)


1.3mg 0.014mg

*DRI = Dietary Reference Intakes

*salt content due to naturally occurring sodium