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Shony Seaweed Flakes
Shony Seaweed Flakes
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Japanese Okonomiyaki with Shony
Okonomiyaki with Shony
Sep 02, 2020 — SERVES 2  TIME 10 MINS PREP, 20 MINS COOKING  EASY  We love the look of this traditional Japanese Okonomiyaki recipe with Shony by Morgan (A.K.A. How To Ceoliac). Give it a try!    For the Okon...
Mara Seaweed Shony shortbread
Shony Seaweed Shortbread
Aug 30, 2017 — A traditional treat made more Scottish with Mara Seaweed.  Makes 25 biscuitsTime 4 hours 30 mins prep, 10 mins bakingEasy Shortbread is a semi-sweet biscuit, best enjoyed with a cup of tea. The add...
Mara Seaweed Shony pouch on the kitchen table at dinner
What is Shony Seaweed?
Nov 01, 2016 — A unique blend Shony is Mara’s unique blend of four seaweed varieties. It includes each type of seaweed: red, green and brown. This produces a very pretty seasoning of purple-red, light and dark g...
Pancakes with Shony®
Shony Seaweed Pancakes
Feb 08, 2021 — Wondering how to liven up your pancakes this Shrove Tuesday? Add some Mara Shony seaweed to your recipe! As it's slightly salty and sweet, it works well in the batter as an alternative to salt. Tha...
Chocolate Tart with Shony
Chocolate Tart with Shony
Oct 21, 2016 — Add Shony seaweed to your chocolate tart to create the ultimate combination of sweet and savoury.  Serves 8Time 15 mins prep, 30 mins cookingEasy Seaweed and chocolate is a real sweet-savoury treat...
Garlic Gnocci with Shony
Garlic Gnocchi with Shony
Feb 12, 2020 — Fancy trying something adventurous with leftover potatoes? Enjoy gnocci with a seaweed twist. Serves 4Time 20 mins prep, 25 mins cookingMedium Thanks to the lovely Linda in Latvia for allowing us t...
Shony Seaweed Toffee Apples
Shony Seaweed Toffee Apples
Oct 31, 2016 — Add Shony seaweed to your toffee apples this bonfire night to make them that bit healthier. Take the edge off the sweetness, leaving a salted caramel twist.  Serves 7TIME 5 MINS PREP, 20 MINS COOKI...
Shony seaweed caramel fudge
Shony Seaweed Caramel Fudge
Dec 19, 2016 — A sprinkle of Shony makes for pretty fudge, but also cuts through the sweetness. Makes 40 x 1-inch piecesTime 40 minsEasy Thanks to local seaweed and baking enthusiast Gina Mackay for sharing her f...
Shony burgers with handmade chips
Shony burgers with handmade chips
Aug 19, 2022 — Shony® burgers with handmade chips. Serves 2Time 20 mins prep, 30 mins cooking Easy This Shony® burgers with handmade chips dish is incredibly moreish and comforting!  INGREDIENTS FOR THE BUR...
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