Looking to stock Mara Seaweed?

If you’re interested in retailing Mara Seaweed or using it on your menu, we’d love to hear from you. We can supply wholesale both directly and through many approved distributors in the UK, US and internationally.

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What others are saying about Mara Seaweed


“Smoked dulse [is] intensely delicious; if you’re poaching fish in a bit of garlicky oil, sprinkle over a few dulse flakes for a wonderful umami hit. I add seaweed to tartare sauce or mayonnaise too.” 
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, River Cottage


“Beautiful flavours that can be sprinkled on anything from grilled squid to a slice of lamb. It’s a very unique product and has become one of our staple dry ingredients.” 

Brett Graham, Two-Michelin Starred Head Chef, The Ledbury


“Furikake is very pretty to sprinkle and has different taste factors, making it unique.”

Cyrus Todiwala, Café Spice Namasté

“We introduced Mara Seaweed products into our shops this season and we are really pleased with the sales so far this year. A great Scottish supplier and an excellent addition to our food offering in our gift shops.”

Kathleen Rock, Buyer for Historic Scotland


Mara Seaweed and chefs

For tips and ideas on cooking with Mara Seaweed please visit our recipe pages.

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