Kombu Seaweed Powder

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Kombu Seaweed Powder - a fine powder, fabulous for a superfood cooking ingredient and flavour explosion. 

Although Mara’s seaweed powders taste similar to our flakes, there is a complete absence of texture. The mineral salts infuse a rich intensity through a silky, melting sensation on the tongue. Fabulous in sweet or savoury smoothies and in baking. 

Were you looking for Kombu (kelp) flakes?


Strong ocean salts, lingering savouriness, earthy Parmesan


Soft, fine powders


Iodine, fibre, potassium, magnesium


Combines evenly with flour and spices; thickens sauces

Kombu Seaweed Powder | Product Details

Ingredients: 100% pure kelp powder (laminaria digitata)

While we take every care during harvesting, this is a natural product from the sea, and so may contain traces of crustaceans and molluscs.

Product of Scotland

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What Mara fans say about Kombu powder

“I use it in all my classes and most of my dishes, especially making soup for the ramen class and gyoza class. I love the light but very deep umami flavour that this form of kelp gives.”

Yuki Gomi, Japanese chef, London

How do I enjoy Mara Seaweed powder?

chocolate, whisky and seaweed truffles

Seaweed powder is ideal for adding savouriness to vegan dishes – but you can also use it liberally on cheese, to make the cheese even more irresistible.

Try spooning Kombu powder over fresh popcorn for a healthier, satisfying salt alternative. Mix seaweed powder and cornflour for a light and flavourful fish batter, or combine with Mexican spices for the most moreish beef fajitas you’ve ever tasted.

Seaweed powder is perfect for baking. Use in place of salt in cakes or add to soufflés, cheese straws and oatcakes for an extra boost of ‘mmm.’ The alginates will help the other ingredients to bind better too.

In the Mara office, our favourite use of seaweed powder is in these fabulous whisky truffles.


Nutrition information

Kombu Powder

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Typical values per 100g

Typical values per 2g


1,178kJ, 275kcal 23.6kJ, 5.5kcal


0.4g, of which saturates 0.1g 0.008g, of which saturates (trace)


44.9g, of which sugars 0.2g 0.9g, of which sugars 0.004g


22.1g (74% DRI*) 0.44g (1.46% DRI)


11.8g 0.24g


7g 0.14g


340.2mg (226,800% DRI) 6.8mg (4,536% DRI)


1,008mg (126% DRI) 20.16mg (2.52% DRI)


4,145mg (207% DRI) 82.9mg (4.14% DRI)


940mg (520% DRI) 18.8mg (10.4% DRI)


0.41mg 0.0082mg


1.08mg 0.0216mg


3.63mg 0.0726mg


3.3mg 0.066mg
*DRI = Dietary Reference Intakes