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For those who can't get enough Mara, our catering-size tubs are now available to buy online. Ideal for topping up your shaker tins or spooning seaweed into your cooking. 

Shony® is a unique blend of enriching seaweeds named after the ancient Hebridean sea god. This award-winning heavenly blend is a healthy flavour boost for everyday use.  

Shony is packed with iodine and is a source of potassium. Iodine contributes to normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, skin, thyroid, metabolism and healthy growth in children.


Serving suggestion: liberally sprinkle on eggs, salads, pasta, rice. Mix with butter or oil and use to coat chicken or fish. Delicious in baking and on stewed fruit.


Ingredients: 100% seaweed species

Weight: 120g

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