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Mara Seaweed seasonings are artisan seaweed flakes, a natural superfood hand harvested from the elementally pure, cold seas around Scotland. An ancient food for modern cooks, Mara Seaweed can add real depth of flavour to modern dishes. 

Eating Dulse is an ancient tradition in Scots and Irish culture. Dulse has a robust salty taste, akin to anchovies and used as a seasoning like salt or dried herbs it adds a wonderful depth of flavour to your dishes. This is finely ground Dulse seaweed that has been smoked with Applewood shavings to create a deliciously smoky seasoning full of flavour.

Dulse is iodine-rich and a source of protein. Iodine contributes to normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, skin, thyroid, metabolism and healthy growth in children.


Serving suggestion: sprinkle on to subtle flavours like eggs, avocado, white fish or nuts. Try it as an incredible BBQ rub.


“My favourite Mara seaweed is the Dulse smoked over Applewood. It’s a beautiful flavour and can be sprinkled on anything from grilled squid to a slice of lamb. It’s a very unique product and has become one of our staple dry ingredients.” Brett Graham, two star Michelin Chef 

Ingredients: 100% seaweed (Palmaria Palmata)


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