Applewood Smoked Dulse

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Our best-selling Dulse flakes are smoked over Applewood oak shavings

As well as adding depth to dishes, with a real punch of flavour, Applewood Smoked Dulse delivers a health boost of protein and fibre.


Small flakes in shades of plum and magenta


Smart casual: beach BBQ meets 15-year-old Islay whisky


Peaty, Lapsang Souchong, hint of miso


Fibre, protein

Smoked Dulse Flakes | product details

Ingredients:100% seaweed
May contain traces of crustaceans and molluscs
Product of Scotland and Ireland

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Great Taste 2016 Three Stars

A favourite amongst chefs, our Applewood Smoked Dulse adds a meaty flavour to everything it touches and is particularly good for enhancing vegetarian dishes.
Find out how chefs use this meatiness in our blog Seaweed for Foodservice: Applewood Smoked Dulse.

 What Mara fans say about Applewood Smoked Dulse

“My favourite Mara Seaweed is the Dulse smoked over Applewood. It’s a beautiful flavour and can be sprinkled on anything from grilled squid to a slice of lamb. It’s a very unique product and has become one of our staple dry ingredients.”

Brett Graham, two star Michelin Chef, The Ledbury, London

How do I enjoy Applewood Smoked Dulse?

Gourmet beef burgers with Smoked Dulse seaweed

Pair with foods that have sweet, light flavours such as scallops, soft cheeses, apples and beets. Mix into mayonnaise or butter to add a savoury hit to steak and salmon. An absolute must for topping macaroni cheese, or go wild and try a spoonful in chilli-chocolate brownies.

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Nutrition information (h3)

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Typical values per 100g

Typical values per 2g


1025kJ, 245.3 kcal 20.5kJ, 4.9kcal


0.92g, of which saturates (trace) (0.02g), of which saturates (trace)


58.76g, of which sugars 0.1g 1.18g, of which sugars (0.002g)


32.1g 0.64g


16.55g 0.34g


4.95g 1g